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Thalassa Holdings announced purchase of shares by its chairman

The chairman of Thalassa Holdings, the BVI company focused on Energy services industry, purchased 50,000 shares of it for 51p each, having spent totally £25,000, and showing confidence in the holding group, although it has faced some challenges due to the collapse of the oil prices in the market.

As a result of the transaction, Soukup, which is the founding shareholder and chairman of the BVI group, is the holder of 3.49 million shares in it, representing 14.1 per cent of its total voting rights.

Last month, Thalassa Holdings announced pre-tax loss of US$12.23 million for year 2014, compared with profit of US$4.96 million in the year 2013. Also, company’s revenue fell by 49.1 per cent to US$15.5 million, following the drop in oil prices which started at the end of last year.