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Chaarat Gold Holdings announced Capital Raising of US$11mln

BVI-incorporated mining company Chaarat Gold Holdings Limited proposed to raise Capital up to US$11mln, through a Convertible Bond issue of US$10mln and placing of ordinary shares of US$1mln, for the issue price of 30p. The new investor provided secured commitment to subscribe for US$10 mln , while the Board and senior management of the company are interested to participate in the Placing for approximately US$1mln.

The fund raising in the amount of US$11 mln completes the short-term funding plans of Chaarat Gold. To facilitate the introduction of long-term investing partners, the Board of the BVI company will consider additional subscriptions from current shareholders and new investors totaling up to US$5 mln. General Meeting for shareholders is expected to be held on or about 26 April 2019.

The capital raising will provide Chaarat with growth capital of approximately US$41 mln, at the same time it will assist in widening company’s shareholder base, which has already risen after company’s acquisition of the Kapan mine in Armenia, which transformed the BVI company from developer to producer. One of the key strategic objectives is to minimise dilution to shareholders.

Aura Minerals announced completion of share consolidation

BVI-registered mining company Aura Minerals Inc. completed the previously announced consolidation of its common shares, on the basis of one new share for ten old shares. The consolidation is effective from December 31, 2018, and common shares will begin trading on the TSX Exchange on January 7, 2019.

As a result, the number of issued and outstanding shares will be reduced from 43,377,336 to 4,337,733, while shareholder’s percentage ownership and proportional voting power will remain the same, except for minor changes and adjustments made due to the treatment of fractional shares.

Registered shareholders of the BVI company will receive letter of transmittal from the Aura’s transfer agent, which will enable registered shareholders to exchange their old share certificates representing pre-consolidation shares for post-consolidation shares.

BVI company announces respective deemed interests of its directors

BVI-incorporated and HK-based company Asian Growth Properties Limited, focused on China property development and investments, has received notifications from its directors which announced their respective deemed interests in the ordinary shares of US$0.05 each in the company.

Directors’ deemed shareholding interests, after the acquisition of 350,000 SEA Holdings Limited shares by Nan Luen International Limited, include: SEA Holdings Limited, which is beneficially entitled to about 97.17 per cent of the existing issued share capital of the BVI company; Nan Luen International Limited with direct shareholding interest of 65.12% of the issued share capital of SEA; JCS Limited, with direct interest of 63.58% in the issued share capital of NLI; NYH Limited with 0.609% interest in SEA.

As a result of the above acquisition, the executive director of the company, Mr. Lu Wing Chi, is deemed to have an indirect beneficial shareholding interest in 362,012,729 shares, which represent approximately 40.84% of the existing issued share capital of the company. Mr. Lincoln Lu, the executive director of the company, has an indirect beneficial shareholding interest in 132,361,334 shares, representing approximately 14.93% of the existing issued share capital of the BVI company. Another 14.82% of the share capital, or 131,327,800 shares, are held by the executive director of the company Mr. Lambert Lu.

Atlas Mara Co-Nvest Limited issued ordinary shares and options to its CFO

On 15 November 2014, BVI-based company Atlas Mara Co-Nvest Limited granted options over a total of 145,000 ordinary shares to its Chief Financial Officer Arina McDonald. All such options are exercisable at a price of US$9.50 per ordinary share (the closing price on 14 November 2014). According to company’s further announcement, on 17 November 2014 its CFO was issued 161,527 ordinary shares, as a result of awards she had to forego from her previous employment.

Ms McDonald currently holds 161,527 ordinary shares in the Company and 145,000 options under the Company’s Global Share Option Plan.

It is expected that the 161,527 ordinary shares will be admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange on or around 20 November 2014.