BVI-based Pansoft Company announces the three-year growth strategy

BVI company Pansoft Company Limited, one of the leading enterprise resource planning software solutions and services providers for the oil and gas industry in China, has announced its three-year growth strategy, which was approved at its recent board meeting. It was stated by Mr Hugh Wang, Chairman of the board of the BVI company, that the company is experiencing continued growth despite the period of global financial crisis and recession in the world economy.

The recent previous board meeting of Pansoft Company was held on December 13, 2008. Then, a three-year budget and multi-year plan for business expansion of the BVI company were approved. Executing the growth strategy, Pansoft should quickly scale up in the coming years and emerge as the predominant software solutions and services provider in China’s management software market.

The BVI company is planning to expand through organic growth as well as mergers and acquisitions. Pansoft will focus on expanding its project scope and service offerings to the subsidiaries of its large clients. Additionally, leveraging its business model, the BVI company is planning to launch similar solutions and services outside of the energy industry. Also, in the current favorable price environment, Pansoft is actively seeking attractive acquisition targets, to enter another high growth industry through mergers and acquisitions.

As a part of new strategy, Pansoft went on public trading at NASDAQ on January 23. Company’s management has scheduled several conferences with investors and analysts in the U.S. from January 23 to January 30, 2009 to present its business strategies.

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