The launch of the BVI-registered fund

World Property and Commodity Fund, established in the British Virgin Islands, carrried out the launch which was formally announced on 4 July 2008, and which will allow individual investors to access the potential of real estate boom in emerging markets of Asia and Middle East. The fund will balance its investments in both property and commodity sectors of real estate markets.

The Managing Director of the BVI fund will be Terence Cheshire who had been successfully investing in property in the emerging markets for a number of years, together with his partners. Now, when the fund is formed, greater number of investors will be able to participate in the real estate development. The World Property and Commodity Fund will allow individual investors to participate in amounts as small as $10,000 through the series of feeder funds that are investing solely in the parent fund. It will give the opportunity for individual investors to invest in the early rounds of big property projects, while the early rounds are most profitable in the emerging markets.

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