Laureate BVI hedge fund generates high return

According to Hedge Fund Research, Laureate BVI, British Virgin Islands-registered fund engaged in hedge fund management and run by Peter Tasca, this year has generated 15% return, adding to the 18% that was generated last year. The Research reports that in the third quarter of 2013 hedge fund assets have surged to a record of $2.51 trillion.

Hedge Fund managers including Peter Tasca of Laureate BVI have each generated double-digit returns since the beginning of 2013. Mr. Tasca in May issued a buy recommendation on Facebook, which has generated 79% return year-to-date.

For investors looking to invest in a hedge fund with a low initial investment, Laureate BVI offers a non-institutional fund. The minimum investment is only €2,500.00 and it offers the same transparent, cost-efficient investment model as the institutional fund.

Tasca states, “We have had a lot of interest in our retail fund, investors want the opportunity to test the waters before they make a substantial commitment.” Laureate BVI’s retail fund has partnered with such clients as HSBC, Citco Bank and Asholt Investments.

Overall, as the markets continue to stabilize and produce returns for investors, hedge funds will continue to grow with assets poured into them.

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