West African Minerals Corporation announces unaudited interim results

West African Minerals Corporation, formerly known as Emerging Metals Limited and registered in the British Virgin Islands, announced its unaudited interim consolidated financial results for the six months period ended 30 September 2012. In this period, total assets of the company increased from £26.4 million to £30.6 million.

Highlights and achievements of the BVI corporation in the period ended 30 September 2012 included acquisition of remaining 5% minority interest in CMC Cameroon providing full ownership and operational control of the company’s major asset in this country and rigorous control of operational expenses at all levels of performance. Also, West African Minerals was awarded the Best Performing Share at the AIM Awards 2012.

Stephen Dattels, Executive Co-Chairman & CEO of WAFM, said in his comments on the interim results: “WAFM has had a highly successful year to date – both on the AIM market and in Cameroon. The Directors remain excited by the significant potential of the licences in Cameroon and believe further shareholder value can be created in both the short and long-term.”

The interim consolidated financial statements will shortly be available on the web site of West African Minerals Corporation.

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