BVI company announced annual results of operations

China Natural Resources, Inc., the British Virgin Islands-incorporated company based in China, released results of operations for the year ended December 31, 2010, derived from the company’s audited financial statements.

In the reported year, China Natural Resources recorded total sales revenue of US$15.26 million, down by 6.44% from the year 2009. In 2010, company’s income attributable to shareholders was US$86.94 million, almost two times higher than last year, of which US$94.47 million was derived from the bargain purchase gain relating to Guizhou Puxin’s acquisition.

The BVI company reported net income per share (basic) in the amount of US$3.87, net income for diluted share was US$3.82.

The company announced that its prime focus now is coal mining business, the sales of coal to become the main source of revenue in the next years.

China Natural Resources, Inc. is currently engaged in the acquisition and exploitation of mining rights, including the exploration, mineral extraction, processing and sale of iron, zinc and other nonferrous metals, located in Anhui Province in the People’s Republic of China, and acquisition, development and production of coal resources in Guizhou Province in the PRC.

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